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GlaI digestion of mouse γ-satellite DNA: study of primary structure and ACGT sites methylation


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Valery A Chernukhin, Danila A Gonchar, Sergey Kh Degtyarev

BMC Genomics 2009, 10:322


Patterns of mouse DNA hydrolysis with restriction enzymes are coincided with calculated diagrams of genomic DNA digestion in silico, except presence of additional bright bands, which correspond to monomer and dimer of γ-satellite DNA. Only small portion of mouse γ-satellite DNA sequences are presented in databases. Methyl-directed endonuclease GlaI cleaves mouse DNA and may be useful for a detailed study of primary structure and CG dinucleotides methylation in γ-satellite DNA. We have constructed a physical map and produced experimental patterns of mouse γ-satellite DNA hydrolysis with unique site-specific methyl-directed endonuclease GlaI and several restriction endonucleases. Fifty two DNA fragments of γ-satellite DNA have been cloned and sequenced. We have not observed any mutations of CG dinucleotide in position 208 of monomeric γ-satellite DNA and confirmed 50% methylation of this CG dinucleoitide. A comparison of consensus sequences of arrayed γ-satellite DNA and small blocks of satellite DNA (140 monomers and less) has shown a higher level of mutations and an absence of conserved CG dinucleotide in last ones. A replacement of CG dinucleotide by CA-dinucleotide in positions 178 and 17 in chromosomes 9 and 3, respectively, has been observed in blocks of monomers. Arrayed γ-satellite DNA from mouse has at least one conservative CG-dinucleotide. Consensus sequences of this DNA and γ-satellite DNA in small blocks of monomers are differing. The last one displays a higher level of CG dinucleotides mutations and an absence of conservative CG-dinucleotide. Presence of conservative and half-methylated CG-dinucleotide supports an idea of importance of this CG dinucleotide methylation/demethylation in arrayed γ-satellite DNA functioning.


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