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New DNA methyltransferase M.AgsI produces TTSA(m6A)

V.S.Dedkov, D.A.Gonchar, V.A.Chernukhin, M.A.Abdurashitov, S.G.Udalyeva, L.A.Urumceva, S.Kh.Degtyarev 
BioTechnology : An Indian Journal Volume 12 Issue 2, 2016 Pages: 59-112

Agrococcus species 25 DNA was cloned in pUC19 plasmid of Escherichia coli. Cloned DNA fragment contained two Opened Reading Frames with 8 amino acid motives which belonged to amino DNA methyltransferases. Thus M.AgsI can be the first of subunit adenine-(N6)-DNA methyltransferase. The enzyme was purified from the recombinant strain by chromatography on P-11 Phosphocellulose, Heparin-Sepharose and Hydroxyapatite. M.AgsI specificity was determined by a study of protection of lambda DNA methylated with M.AgsI against cleavage with some restriction endonucleases. A sensitivity of restriction endonucleases to M.AgsI-methylation was studied.

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